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Part II will be released to the general public Saturday, March 15th at 1701 hours Eastern (5:01pm EST). However, since you are one of our loyal fans, we would like to give you an exclusive sneak preview!

Derek Kessler of says "Building on the surprising, complex, and moderately confusing story of Star Trek: Of Gods and Men, Act 1, the second act of the alternate-universe saga plunges head-first into rich characters and a tragic universe. If you thought Act 1 was good, then Act 2 will blow you away."

Kessler continues, "Act 2 opens with a brief refresher as to the ending of the first act: Vulcan is obliterated, and Koval (J.G. Hertzler) delivers a perfectly Klingon “You must dominate! Or be dominated.” Unlike Act 1, the secondary characters – Ragnar (Gary Graham), Xela (Chase Masterson), and Yara (Crystal Allen), in particular – get more screen time and add a new level of depth of the film. They aren't just props or sidekicks, they're cohorts and players in the game."

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Star Trek: Of Gods and Men stars Walter Koenig and Nichelle Nichols (Uhura and Chekov from original Star Trek) along with Alan Ruck (Captain John Harriman of the seventh feature film, Star Trek Generations). Joining them are Grace Lee Whitney (original Star Trek ); Garrett Wang and Ethan Phillips (Voyager); Cirroc Lofton, Chase Masterson and JG Hertzler (Deep Space Nine), Gary Graham and Crystal Allen (Enterprise), Herb Jefferson (Battlestar Galactica) plus Tim Russ (Voyager), who also directed.

Producer Sky Douglas Conway and Deep Space Nine freelance storywriters Jack Trevino and Ethan H. Calk wrote OGAM . Director of photography is Doug Knapp . In addition, many artists in the field of makeup and lighting have joined them for what has proved to be a history-making event.

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